The right storage for better decisions

Collecting, storing, and managing data is more important than ever. Because you can turn data into insights that matter for your business.

To fully leverage data, companies need the storage infrastructure to:


Keep important business data safe


Ensure availability of critical systems


Maintain high performance


Be responsive to changing needs

no intervention

Require little to no IT intervention

Why does it make sense to prioritise storage?


A 5% increase in customer retention can lead to an increase in profits of up to 95%


It can cost up to 10x more to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one.

Key Storage Challenges

The Situation

Massive volumes of data are created every day, and it’s increasingly complex (human, IoT, transactional).

The IT Challenge

How do you capture, store, and access this data, and turn it into actionable insights?

The Situation

Companies need to collect relevant, timely information about customers.

The IT Challenge

How do you centralise data spread across the organisation to get a 360-view of the customer?

The Situation

Companies need to leverage data—in real time.

The IT Challenge

How do you implement an agile, data-centric architecture?

The Solution – HPE Nimble Storage from Vohkus

HPE Nimble Storage Adaptive Flash Arrays are the industry's only predictive hybrid-flash arrays. Experience radical simplicity and all-flash like performance within a scalable, cloud-ready platform. The arrays combine a flash-optimised architecture with InfoSight Predictive Analytics to provide fast, reliable access to data and measured availability.

Adaptive arrays automatically optimise for capacity and performance while allowing you to change the service level of any volume at the click of a button. All Nimble flash arrays are Cloud Ready – providing an easy on-ramp to the cloud through Nimble Cloud Volumes, and forklift upgrades can become a thing of the past



What is HPE Nimble?

By bringing together the existing HPE flash storage portfolio with Predictive Analytics from Nimble Storage, now a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, HPE offers the broadest and deepest storage portfolio for Hybrid IT. Simple, predictive flash storage with cloud hooks, Nimble Storage is ideal for any size needing robust, always on data services with the Multicloud Flash Fabric making it easy to deploy flash everywhere.

Designed as flash storage from the ground up, business’ can use any combination of all-flash and hybrid flash across private and public clouds. Transparently migrate data from anywhere to anywhere, future-proofing your data center for the cloud with Nimble Cloud Ready Flash arrays.

Reliably Fast

All-flash performance with greater than 99.9999% measured uptime.

Radically Simple

Seamlessly deliver flash across primary, secondary and cloud environments


Every second, HPE InfoSight analyses and correlates millions of sensors from all our globally deployed systems. It continuously learns as it analyses this data, making every system smarter and more reliable.

Cloud Ready

When you’re ready: easy onramp to cloud storage with enterprise grade capabilities.

Seamless Scalability

Non-disruptively and independently, scale-out to over 8PB effective capacity across four arrays managed as one.

Lower TCO

All flash performance at less than the cost of legacy performance disk solutions and one to two thirds lower TCO than other all-flash arrays.

Solve key business challenges

HPW Nimble Storage All Flash Arrays

HPE Nimble Storage All Flash Arrays provide high performance and consistent low-latency storage with advanced data reduction technology, along with rich storage management functionality for radically simple operation—even for the most demanding applications


Solution for VMware vSphere

HPE Nimble Storage Solution for VMware vSphere® provides the benefits of VMware server virtualization, along with HPE Nimble Storage predictive flash performance, improved deployment, ease of management, and platform uptime.


Connect with HPE Nimble Storage

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